Iota specializes in producing art books and catalogs. We provide a broad range of local, national and international clients with everything from design and editorial work to complete production management and conversion of print to digital. Our team brings decades of experience in book publishing to every project; with our in-depth industry knowledge we can offer technical solutions to difficult problems.

You will find us essential for labor-intensive books or series design, where we assemble and manage creative teams of illustrators, writers, editors, designers, digital specialists, and printers. Iota can oversee a single aspect of your publication or handle it from start to finish.


  • - Content creation and complete development of editorial concepts
  • - Copy-editing and proofreading
  • - Interior and cover design
  • - Hiring photographers and illustrators and negotiating contracts
  • - Conversion or creation of e-books
  • - Product packaging and generation of marketing images
  • - Full project direction and print management
Founding members Carly Schnur and Marsha Swan have worked in-house for book publishers ranging from a boutique literary imprint to a multinational, corporate publishing house, and freelance for publishing houses, art foundations and galleries since the late 1990s. One or more members of our team have worked onsite for weeks or months in locations as diverse as Paris, Dublin, Atlanta, New Orleans and New York, and we are always happy to travel whenever feasible.